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Drugs to Treat Ageing

A nice review of the state of drug development to halt ageing right in its tracks just published:

"Longevity and aging- F1000Prime Biology Reports - F1000"
F1000Prime Rep2013, 5:5 (doi: 10.12703/P5-5), Published: 04 Mar 2013.
.... I could write quite a long article of this basically repeating what they say, but the bottom line is that there are a number of drugs being investigated that may extend life. The two most famous of these are rapamycin (sounds like he should be a singer? Is actually an inhibitor of the cell housekeeping enzyme called mTOR) and resveratrol (a drug found naturally in red wine... In addition to alcohol and a few other things). Both of these seem to potential work like a calorie restricted diet to prolong life. Had you not heard that a calorie restricted diet was supposed to prolong life? No? Well many scientists believe that it does, however, naturally there are a bunch of experiments that contest this theory.
So the bottom line? The evidence seems to be strongest for rapamycin, but it is not yet proven. Benefits of the red wine chemical/ drug resveratrol is also debated, but if anything it seems to help best with people that have a high fat diet?
So watch this space. I will post updates as they become available. Rest assured scientist are on the case, and by the time we are all dead I dare say someone will have invented the secret of eternal youth. That will be a nightmare. Just think of the consequences!!!!!!

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