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Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Exercise and Osteoarthritis

On the Run 
OK... Now we have a bit of a problem on the osteoarthritis and exercise front.
.........because exercise is good for joints, lack of exercise leads to obesity and is terrible for joints!
.....but its long been believed that traumatic injury (knocks and bangs!) leads to, or exacerbates osteoarthritis, but studies now show that, in rats a least, intensive exercise also contributes to osteoarthritis.  To be honest, a search of the major osteoarthritis journal Osteoarthritis and Cartilage will tell you that there are several similar studies, but this one attracted my attention; Carlos E.S. Franciozi et al 2013.  The tricky thing is that this implies that there is an optimal amount of exercise for you joint health.  How much is that?  Sadly, we just don't know :-(
It seems sensible to conclude that the amount required to stay fit, but no more!  That is bad news for MOST people, because most people either don't exercise at all or exercise massively! Well I dog walk.  I don't think anyone has implicate that as hazardous for your joints yet!

Saturday, 20 April 2013

Passive Smoking in Dogs!

20090115 Smoking DogProfessor Clare Knottenbelt, from Glasgow Veterinary School reported her recent study of passive smoking dogs to the April 2013 BSAVA (a Vet Society meeting/conference). She measured nicotine levels in the fur of dogs owned by non-smokers, outdoor smokers and indoor smokers. Unsurprisingly there is an increase in fur nicotine levels in that order.  Clare said that this indicates that they have absorbed the smoke into their bodies and this had ended up in the fur, rather than just being an innocuous (but smelly!) deposit from the air directly into the fur.  She did not report any direct evidence to state that this gave dogs cancer, but she believes this is likely by the age of about 8 years old.  She is actively researching whether owner smoking statistically shortens lives of dogs. Clare was keen to discuss this with owners when they got their puppies... rather than waiting until the dog actual got cancer! I’d have been interested to know whether you find nicotine just in the smoky deposits themselves of course, because, whilst that’s not nice, that would not lead to cancer at least!