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What Am I For?

It is the age old question: "What am I for?"
I love facetiousness.... but if you want to impress me you'll have to do better than "absolutely nothing!".
In this case I mean, what is this blog for? Well now that we have Wikipedia, we don't need science explaining science to non-scientists do we?
Au contraire!! Wikipedia is great. I edit it and I read it just like everyone else.  Of course it contains the odd error (just like every other source)...  but it tends to get over nerdy.  In other words, you can stick a simple definition up on Wikipedia and then people add to it and add to it and before long a simple entry like what is osteoarthritis will end up looking like a PhD thesis!
So in this blog, I am trying to keep stuff very accessible.  If you want the last word on things, go Google yourself or look up the links and references.  If you know better than me, fine, someone always knows better. Congratulations.  I just want to be a reliable source of accessible decode of scientific stories which are in the media, or in all of our minds!
Here endeth the lesson.

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