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Sunday, 4 December 2016

Biased Reviews of Products Online

Now here's the thing, there is some scientific literature offering support to the use of joint supplements, but in my opinion the jury is very much out.  Therefore most people base their choice, use it/don't use it, on anecdotal reports on the very websites that sell it.  Now when we Googled Yumove, we found that the reviews almost universally positive. So are they unbiased? Well Ozzie was a little unwell after using Yumove and whilst we clearly did not state it was due to the product, we thought it would be useful to other customers for us to upload the following review.  Sadly it was rejected due to "not meeting the guidelines".  This is an important lesson reminding us all that product reviews online are totally biased!
So here is the full review that Fetch rejected (typos and all!):
Dog not so well after using, so stopped it.
Well we saw rarve reviews of this, and bought for our older dog with quite poor hips. Clearly, it's asking a lot, but we are always hopeful. now we certainly don't know whether the Yumove caused the problem, but it happened straight away afterwards so we stopped. Basically this is what happene, out boy suddenly (within a day) became incredibly lethargic, stopped barking at postmen, stopped playing games etc. The lymph glands in his face (Buccal?) swelled bilaterally. The swelling wa large enough to see by eye, let alone palpate. The swelling suggests infection or allergy. Since the product has chondroitin, GAGS, HA etc, apparently from green lipped muscles allergy seems possibly. In people, or course chondroitin or shellfish allergy is well known, but I had never heard of it in dogs before. We stopped after about 5 days and you'll be pleased to know he was better within 2 days. Who knows if that was a coincidence or not, but we are frightened to use it anymore.


  1. Did you try to contact the manufacturers, Lintbells? I think they are a "reputable" company, certainly willing to do evidence-based research, so may be keen to hear your experiences. I'm disappointed in Fetch, as I've always found them a good pet food supplier. However, as a supplier, maybe they won't publish negative "health" reviews from a single customer?

  2. But they publish positive? I would fully accept a "no health anecdotes" policy, but it has to go both ways or it is really dangerous!
    No, not contacting the manufacturers. I expect like many of these things it could be a coincidence of course, but I strongly think that if anecdotes are being published they should publish them. The terms and conditions for reviews would only reject this if it was consider defamatory!
    How many others didn't get on well with it I wonder. Thought I was unique until they rejected that review!


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